Amber Lamps

Album: Plaidypuss (2017)

Song: Between The Lines

Bitrate: 192kbps

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Formed as a one-off high-school graduation party cover band, the Amber Lamps slowly expanded and transformed into what they are today: a trio of punk-rock-loving musicians writing catchy hooks with aggressive guitars and killer bass. Originating in Plainview, NY, the band has recently relocated to a new home base in Astoria, Queens. Amber Lamps covers styles ranging from old school punk rock sensibilities on songs like "On the Radio" to the alt-rock elegy "James." Their debut album, "Plaidypuss" includes songs handling a wide range of topics from growing up to anxiety and loss.
Never taking themselves too seriously, Brian, Eddie, and Steve infuse their music and live act with lightheartedness and humor. "Another Lie" is narrated by a jilted lover whose self-righteous anger is deflated when he stops making sense. "On the Radio" features an old-school sneer and a new-school self-awareness. The heavier topics dealt with on their debut record are balanced by the yin and yang pairings of "Adrenaline" with "It's Not Alright" and "James" with "Legacy."
Overall, Amber Lamps has an uplifting message, and have a fun live show that'll have you dancing, jumping, laughing, crying, and singing along.